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Currently only Issue 3 of Sonic Eggs uploaded, we will be bringing the old issues back in the future.

Julie Who?

Julie Who?


Issue 3 Page 7

Jeez. I forgot how "Shippy" I originally made the script. If I had the chance, I'd like to have gone back and fixed it to have a lot less focus on those kinds of things. Especially since everything has to go back to the "status quo" at the end of the story. I basically wrote this in because I wanted Knuckles to have some happiness in his life even when he is alone and guarding the Master Emerald. Still, between Tikal, Rouge and even someone else who'll get a slight mention, it shows that you can write Knux having a GF without it being a Penders character.

Well, wish me luck. We've been coasting on pages that have basically been ready for a long time so Jet has to get on it and draw page 8 for next week. This time, I DID re-write some panels and I think you'll find it hilarious.